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Nov 13, 2016  I just can't sign in or up for a Nokia account through my phone. Everything worked last week, but then I moved to an other country and had to reset my phone to make windowsphone. com reflect my new region. . after that my Nokia account never worked on my phone. . Unable to login to nokia account to access Nokia music nokiaNov 22, 2007 You can sign up for the Nokia Music Store by using the navigation control pad to move the cursor onscreen to highlight Join now on the top of the page (Figure 8). You may get a message This site has sent an untrusted certificate. nokia music store sign up

Feb 21, 2014 How to change country of Nokia Music store How can I change the country of the Nokia Music store? When you register or sign up your Nokia account, did you initially choose Switzerland for the region of the account? What about your phone settings? Try to set the region to Switzerland and check if the issue will remain.

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Nokia Music Store offers a lot of tracks from latest hits and classics to modern tracks. Lots of the bugs presented in the Beta version of Nokia Music PC are now gone, so if you tried the Beta and didnt find it good enough, you should give the Register for Invent With Nokia (This site is intended for external inventors who wish to submit ideas to Nokia and inventors who are coinventing with a Nokia employee. If you are a Nokia employee, please make your submission via Inventor Portal. )nokia music store sign up Grabbing tracks on the go doesnt get any easier than through the Nokia Music Store. Itll work on a PC, so you can make the most of your speedy home broadband, or over the mobile network while youre away. If youre within a WiFi hotspot, the Nokia Music Store will work at high speed through [

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In order to take advantage of all Nokia services, you must create an account. This account will allow you to access Nokia's online app store and extra services, as well as serve as a record of identity. You can create a Nokia account using your nokia music store sign up 'Nokia Account Discontinuation' on April 25th. You created a Nokia Account when you set up your Nokia mobile phone or when you first used a Nokia application. What is happening to Nokia Account? Services like Nokia Music will also stop working at some point, though it's perhaps something of a miracle that these still work in 2015 at Sign in. Community Community. Categories. Bing; Community Participation Center; Registering and Login to Nokia Account (Ovi Store) N8 Try to log in to Nokia Store application: Menu Nokia Store. Try to reset the password here. Make a backup with Nokia Pure Android. Nokia smartphones come with the latest version of Android with no unnecessary extras and regular security updates. This means that you get an experience that is always 100 pure, secure and up to date.