History channel app not working

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2020-03-28 10:55

So, I've been watching the Vikings program for free on their mobile app and for the last 2 days it won't load any programmingis it no longer free?Our history channel continually goes in and out. It goes from streaming to this channel is not available in your area and then back to history channel app not working

Jan 22, 2016  I added the History Channel App to my Roku 3 and activated it using my It's possible it is temporarily not working. as it is the same developer as History

history channel app

The HISTORY AppleTV App is here! Check out its features and find out how to download the app on your AppleTV, only on history. com. I was wondering about being able to login to Discovery Channel Go and History app's. It seems it doesn't allow thise apps to be used with my log in.history channel app not working Oct 24, 2015 The History channel will not play on my Roku 3, or my Plex app for Vizio. NBC and ABC have been working for me with my Roku,

Free History channel app not working

Along with the release of Lifetime and A& E official apps, A& E television networks has released the official History channel app in Windows Store. Description: Pawn Stars. history channel app not working Jan 27, 2016 Hi all. In windows 10 task manager, app history is blank and no data available is displayed. Maybe I have messed some windows services up, as I disabled some of them that I did not need. Dec 12, 2013 file history app doesn't work which did allow me to get into File History, however, this option is not available to me when I Channel 9; Office Dev Dec 29, 2017  A& E, Lifetime and The History channel apps wont work on my fire tv. They open and close in a few seconds or wont even open at