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2020-01-20 03:37

Mar 01, 2016  Windows 10 mobile: How to change your Edge browser homepage WindowsStart. Windows 10 How to change default start page ofOkay, I give up. How do you set the home page in Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile 6. 5? set homepage windows mobile

A new report claims that Microsoft could add a way to change the default search engine for its Edge browser in Windows 10 Mobile, in addition to supporting it in the PC version.

set homepage windows

Learn how you can change the default browser on Windows 10 Mobile. Replace Microsoft Edge browser on your phone. Oct 13, 2016 Is there a way to set a homepage on the edge browser. The same way as in Windows Phone 8. 1 and prior. You have to go to the site and then pin the site to start.set homepage windows mobile Anyway, I figured out how to change the home page to whatever I want, Changing the Internet Explorer Homepage on Windows Mobile 6 ATT& T Devices

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Internet Explorer on windows Phone 8 does not have the concept of a homepage it will instead restore the tabs that you last had opened; If you close all the tabs, then you just get a blank page. set homepage windows mobile Apr 16, 2014 I'm new to Windows phone and can't seem to figure out how to set a home page for internet explorer. Am I missing something? It would be nice to have Mar 26, 2017 How to set start page in Microsoft Edge for mobile Device There is nowhere in Microsoft Edge for mobile device (windows 10) that I can set start page