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2020-01-20 04:36

Dimension and metrics in the google analytics many but if you need to create the custom dimension and metrics. In the google analytics, set the custom dimension and metrics at the property level. Edit the permission to create or edit custom dimension and metrics.Important: This document describes a legacy version of the SDK. New users should use the latest SDK. . This developer guide describes how to implement custom dimensions and metrics using the Google Analytics SDK for iOS v2. custom dimension google analytics ios

iOS SDK: NSString dimensionValue To use Tag Manager to send this value to Google Analytics as a custom dimension, use a data layer variable and then apply the custom dimension to the appropriate Google Analytics tags already deployed on your website.

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Hi, Trying to send over some custom dimensions to google analytics with the Xamarin Google Analytics component. I cant find the parametername to set. May 14, 2018  Mobile app reporting in Google Analytics helps you understand how people use your iOS or Android app. These reports work in conjunction with the Firebase SDK, which automatically captures a number of events and user properties and also allows you to define your own custom events to measure the things that uniquelycustom dimension google analytics ios I've been reading the Custom Dimensions documentation for iOS and found the following example: May return nil if a tracker has not yet been initialized with a property ID. id tracker [[GAI

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We've setup Google Analytics in an iOS app which is sending the vendor identifier to distinguish between users on the reports. GA for iOS and custom dimensions. Ask Question. In the logging window I can see that the value of cd1 is the correct value yet our custom report shows no data for the custom dimension. We are using Google custom dimension google analytics ios