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2020-03-28 11:33

Here's a stepbystep tutorial on how to activate fullscreen mode in the Internet Explorer 11 web browser on Windows computers.Facing Windows 10 full screen problems while watching movies or playing games? Sometimes, the app won't go fullscreen; sometimes the fullscreen covers only a part of the screen while at other times it just goes to a maximized window instead. This post suggests some troubleshooting steps which may help you. windows phone ie full screen

This windows just updated IE and the new update makes it so IE doesnt open in full screen anymore. All of your move it to the corner, then resize it doesnt work anymore. Tell me, why do we even use these Microsoft products anymore. After Windows Vista, and Windows 8 I swore I would buy a Mac. Maybe its time.

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Jul 12, 2018 Full screen video on windows phone? ? ? since updating to lumia cyan update i cant play video in full screen before updating it always automatically turn to full screen when i played any videos. . but now even after i choose the full screen option it doesnt work. . i play the video from internet explorer, in my nokia lumia 1520 Jul 27, 2017  Some can even show updates on your lock screen. Find them in the Windows Phone Store. Get personal. Get app recommendations tailored to your likes; in the Windows Phone Store, swipe over to For [your name. Mighty multitasking. Keep your place in a game while you check email? No problem. Just press and hold thewindows phone ie full screen In windows 8, if you are using the Internet explorer tile, you will have to either use the windows button or drag your mouse into the bottom or top left corners of the screen to reveal the application switcher or home screen.

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If the mobile version of Internet Explorer isnt giving you the portable browsing experience you expected, you can now choose from several alternative browsers for Windows Phone that might prove more suitable. windows phone ie full screen Dec 07, 2012  Can't find this information on forum. Is it possible to have IE open in fullscreen (hide bottom bar with address and button)? I am trying to work with a s