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Aug 01, 2010 Telephone Exchange Names in NYC Does anyone know the specific Exchange Names that were used in NYC before they were dropped in favor of numbered prefixes? Here is a LINK to the list of officially recommended Exchange Names from Ma Bell (from Notes on Nationwide Dialing, 1955 ).List of New York Telephone Exchanges The 718 area code covers 10 counties in 1036 zip codes for New York City. It includes 717 landline exchanges and 59 mobile exchanges, ranging from 200 through 999. How to Trace a Person's Name by a Phone Number. How to Call Beijing, China From the United States. Photo Credits. nyc telephone exchange names

When I first started making phone calls in the fifties, anyone could tell where a friend lived by the telephone exchange office in which actual telephone operators satlike Lily Tomlin as her iconic comic character, Ernestine. My family was Endicott 2. We lived on the Upper West Side across from the Museum of Natural History.

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New York Telephone Exchange Names for the New York (Long Island) area. Figure out what the first three digits in your phone number really stand for. Researched and web site created by Scott Eckers in the Spring of 1997. RUNNING THE NUMBERS NYC telephone exchanges When an exchange had two words, they were both capitalized. . COney Island 6, SAint George 7, SHore Road 5& 8. Confusion existed when people used post office abbervations for dialing. VIrginia was mistakenly dialed as VA. MIssouri became telephone exchange names An exchange name is a word that is used to represent the first two letters of a 7 digit telephone number (exchange names have nothing to do with area codes or country codes). The first two letters of the exchange name are the first two digits of the phone number, when they are spelled out on a telephone dial or keypad.

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Apr 27, 1997  As the city grew, names gave way to doubledigit phone numbers, then two more digits were added, and eventually a telephone number would be identified by the numbers of the street where the central switchboard was. By 1927, with 162 exchanges in New York City and more customers to serve, the 18th St. office became GRamercy, nyc telephone exchange names