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If you are a Google Apps for Business administrator, you can purchase Google Drive storage licenses for additional storage space and assign the licenses to specific users Individual users can purchase more storage space for themselves (unless you turn off the Individual Storage service for your organization)Apr 16, 2013 I have emails that clearly state our acceptance into the Google Apps for Non Profits program. Please advise! Please advise! Steps to Reproduce: Add the 10th user successfully, then message appears that we have reached our limit and the 'add user' button becomes disabled. google apps for nonprofits user limit

Feb 01, 2010 Upgrading to the Education Edition Google Apps Help(Help Articles) www. google. com Re: NonProfit Foundation Is there a 50 user limit for Google Standard Apps

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Creating emails with Google apps gives users the familiar Gmail UI, while keeping your Nonprofits data inside the organization. And now with Google for Nonprofits, cost is no excuse for making sure your NPO is secure. Apr 26, 2011 We're a 501(c)3 nonprofit antislavery and human trafficking NGO headquartered in Washington, DC, looking to transition to Google Apps for apps for nonprofits user limit Gmail DLP is now only available with G Suite Enterprise and G Suite for Education. If you purchased one of these licenses before March 31, 2017, you can continue to use Gmail DLP until January 31, 2020, as long as you keep the this license active.

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Before using G Suite, you must verify that you own your domain. Refer to the G Suite Help Center to identify your domain host. 6. Return to the Google for Nonprofits 'Enrollments' page and enter your G Suite domain in the form field and complete the application. 7. Click 'Enroll Thank you for applying! Our team will review your account google apps for nonprofits user limit Google Apps for Work, Education, Nonprofits& Unlimited You get customized emails i. e [email protected] com You get additional addresses per user (for example,