Did fetty wap have a baby

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2020-04-07 00:49

Jan 06, 2018  Fetty Wap and Alexis Skyy welcomed a daughter named Alaiya, three months before the babys due date. Stars Who Got Their Start on Reality TV The Love& Hip Hop: Hollywood star, 23, revealed during an Instagram Live video that her water broke on Tuesday, January 2, and she was rushed to the hospital.Parents: Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha have welcomed welcomed a daughter 'KBM' turned out to be the baby's initials: Khari Barbie Maxwell. Fetty's real name is did fetty wap have a baby

Fetty Wap is allegedly stepping up to the parental plate just in time. Earlier today, Masika Kalysha tweeted that she might be having the baby sooner than expected. Just a short time ago, Fetty Wap was denying the paternal nature of Masikas baby.

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There have been many rumors about how many children Fetty has and this post will set the record straight. How many kids does Fetty Wap have in 2018? This article presents information about all the rapper's kids and baby mamas. Earlier today, we learned that former Love& Hip Hop Hollywood star Masika Kalysha is pregnant with her first child, and the reality star shared that the father is none other than Trap Queen rapper Fetty Wap.did fetty wap have a baby Fetty Wap's Baby Mama Gives Birth to 1Pound Baby Girl Exclusive Details Fetty Wap's baby mama is mostly out of the woods after giving birth 3 months early to a baby girl.

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How can the answer be improved? did fetty wap have a baby After experiencing a pregnancy scare and a super early delivery, Fetty Wap& his onagain0ffagain GF Alexis Skyy have officially welcomed their baby daughter! Its happened! Fetty Wap, 26, and his baby mama, Alexis Skyy, 23, are new parents after Alexis gave birth to her first child a daughter according to a Jan. 5 report from Those eyes! Fetty Wap posted the first full face photo of his baby girl Khari Barbie Maxwell, his daughter with Masika Kalysha, on Twitter and shes a beauty. . Blue eyes for Khari Gray eyes for ZaZa Fetty Wap's commercial debut single, titled Trap Queen , was released in early 2014. He recorded the song in February 2014. However, it did not gain major recognition until midNovember 2014, and since then it has become a platinum record and has over 130 million plays on SoundCloud. Happy 1 month baby. We are thrilled that Masika and Fetty Wap were able to work out their differences and have been able to find a way to coparent their daughter. It wasnt all that long ago that Masika was sharing her words of wisdom at the Love& Hip Hop Hollywood season one reunion.